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[TCS] Delegation of the Government of Jilin Province visited the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat – 2018.12.28 2018-12-28



 On December 28, 2018, the delegation of Government of Jilin Province, headed by Vice Governor ZHU Tianshu, visited the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) in Seoul, ROK. TCS delegation headed by Secretary-General(SG) LEE Jong-heon welcomed Vice Governor ZHU’s delegation and held in-depth discussion to promote CJK trilateral relationship with the Jilin Province.


Recalling TCS’s past cooperation with Jilin Province, SG LEE acknowledged the geographic advantages and abundant resources enjoyed by the Province. Considering the improvement of relationships in the Korean Peninsula and echoing the strong cooperative signal sent by three countries’ leaders at the 7th Trilateral Summit, SG LEE expressed his faith and hope in deepening trilateral cooperation and bilateral cooperation with Jilin Province to implement cooperative promises in practice in the future.


Vice Governor ZHU Tianshu agreed on the importance of deepening trilateral cooperation to maximize comparative advantages of the three countries and achieve win-win-win results. He introduced the Jilin Province’s current development focus on transforming industrial bases through innovation and entrepreneurship, with the priority of developing and seeking cooperation opportunities with Japan and the ROK in industries of healthcare, biotechnology, aging population, ecology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 5G platform.


Finally, Jilin Province extended the invitation to the TCS to attend and support the 12th China Northeast-Asia Expo in Changchun and 1st CJK Entrepreneurs Summit in 2019.

The TCS always values the work with local-government, and emphasize their indispensable role in the development of trilateral cooperation. The TCS has been developing close cooperation with the Jilin Province in the past few years and will continue to jointly promote trilateral cooperation in the future to uphold the value of common prosperity in Northeast Asia.



▲Group Photo with the Government of Jilin Province



▲SG LEE Jong-heon making comments



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