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SOCI | TCS organized the 3rd Trilateral Journalist Exchange Program in Japan, China, and the ROK – 2016.06.27-07.06

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) successfully organized the 3rd Trilateral Journalist Exchange Program in Japan, China, and the ROK (visiting country order) from June 27 to July 6, 2016. Deputy Secretary-General UMEZAWA Akima of the TCS led the journalist delegation consisting of 13 journalists from the three countries.

This year, the Program focused on the ancient capitals – Kyoto, Xi’an, and Gyeongju – and explored the traditional cultural and historical heritages of the three countries. As three of the oldest cities of China, Japan, and the ROK, each city served as a capital city of ancient dynasties for a long period of time. Kyoto, Xi’an, and Gyeongju were ancient political, economic, cultural and educational hubs, and have a long history of trade and cultural exchanges that can be seen through cultural artifacts and architectures. While preserving the cities’ historical and cultural value, numerous efforts are being made to revitalize the ancient capitals through reformation and innovation.

During the Program, the journalist delegation visited governmental agencies, businesses, and cultural heritages of the three cities and were briefed on tourism policies, history and culture, as well as efforts to vitalize economy and increase international cooperation. The journalists also engaged in a series of in-depth dialogues and discussed the media environment of the three countries and the role of media in strengthening trilateral cooperation. Through open and frank discussions, participants were able to deepen mutual understanding and bridge the gap between perception and reality of media environment of the three countries.

As an international organization mandated to promote cooperative relations among China, Japan, and Korea, the TCS will continue its efforts to facilitate mutual understanding between three countries and contribute to constructive media environment upon the co-prosperity of the three countries.

Overview of TJEP 2016

1. Purpose of the Program 

- To increase the participants’ understanding on evolving relationship and vision of trilateral cooperation. 

- To create a sound and favorable environment of public opinion for strengthening mutual trust and friendship. 

- To search appropriate role of media on cooperation between the three countries. 

2. Dates 

- June 27 (Mon) – July 6 (Wed), 10 days 

3. Destinations 

- Kyoto (Japan), Xi’an (China), and Gyeongju (ROK); order of visit 

4. Participants’ Affiliations 

- Japan: The Nishinippon Shimbun, NHK, Kyodo News, Tokyo Shimbun 

- China: Global Times, 21st Century Business Herald, Shenzhen Media Group, Southern Metropolis Daily 

- ROK: Maeil Business News, TV Chosun, Seoul Shinmun, Kangwon Domin Ilbo 

5. Major Activities 

A. Dialogues with scholars and local journalists 

- Exploring the Role of Regional Media in Deepening Mutual Understanding 

- Traditional History and Journalism 

- Towards Northeast Asian Identity: Media’s Role in Trilateral Cooperation 

B. Visits, Briefings and Interviews 

- Kyoto Regional Comprehensive Care Promoting Association 

- Environment and sustainable development (KYOCERA) 

- 808 Commonly Used Chinses Characters (Kanji Museum) 

- Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone 

- BYD Auto 

- Interview with the Mayor of Gyeongju

2fb586e31b420fec93fc45eda58fd63c_1467958Briefing on aging society and health care by Kyoto Comprehensive Health Care Association  

2fb586e31b420fec93fc45eda58fd63c_1467958Interview with Mr. KOSAKA Setsuzo, Chairman of the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation at the opening ceremony of Kanji Museum  

2fb586e31b420fec93fc45eda58fd63c_1467958Briefing on China’s startup policies at Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone  

2fb586e31b420fec93fc45eda58fd63c_1467958Participants test-driving electric cars at BYD Auto  

2fb586e31b420fec93fc45eda58fd63c_1467958Interview with Mr. CHOI Yangsik, Mayor of Gyeongju City  

0d99233796a807b59eeab193b365a92d_1467962The 3rd Trilateral Journalist Dialogue: Towards Northeast Asian Identity: Media’s Role in Trilateral Cooperation