Others TCS holds the 5th Lecture of “Three Strands of Asia” 2014.07.17

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) held the fifth public lecture series “Three Strands of Asia” on July 17, 2014. The lecture was delivered by Ms. MURAMATSU Kanako, Chief Representative, Urasenke Seoul Branch about “Tea Cultures of China, Japan and Korea”. Sixty participants from different countries including regular and new attendees came from diverse fields including universities, and private organizations. 

The lecture by Ms. MURAMATSU traced the history of tea culture and featured how the tea culture among China, Japan and Korea developed their own paths and created varied ways of enjoying the tea throughout the history. The lecture lasted for two hours with lively discussion among the participants.

The TCS will continue holding “Three Strands of Asia” every month with renowned professionals from different fields including tradition, social life and popular culture. Those who are interested in this lecture series can check the notice of the upcoming lectures, and videos of the previous lecture from TCS official web.

Speaker of the Fifth Lecture, Ms. Muramatsu Kanako

Group Photo