Seminar & Forum SG IWATANI Shigeo Attended Boao Forum for Asia Conference 2014.06.28 ~ 2014.06.29
Secretary-General IWATANI Shigeo attended a conference held by Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) with the theme “Infrastructure Connectivity in Asia: The Financing Challenge “ on June 28-29, 2014 in Beijing, China, and spoke as a panelist in the session entitled “Infrastructure Connectivity in Asia: Vision, Planning & Constraints.” 

In the session, SG IWATANI reiterated that there are geopolitical obstacles to enhance infrastructure connectivity in Northeast Asia though there is a great potential for such cooperation. In order to move forward from the current difficulties, he emphasized that it is important to facilitate coordination among the governments of China, Japan and the ROK as well as among regional institutions, and to draw a grand design for the region-wide connectivity and common development. 

During his stay in Beijing, SG IWATANI also participated in other events. He met with Ambassador ZHOU Wenzhong, Secretary-General of BFA Secretariat and had a discussion on possible cooperation between the two secretariats. SG IWATANI visited China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) and gave a special lecture on trilateral cooperation as the 1st lecture of CFAU’s Trilateral Cooperation Lecture Series. Also, SG IWATANI had a meeting with President ZHAO Jinjun of CFAU to exchange ideas on deepening cooperation between TCS and CFAU. The two sides signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). 

SG IWATANI paid a visit to ASEAN-China Center (ACC), and had discussions with Secretary-General Mr. MA Mingqiang on carrying out collaboration between TCS and ACC as well as TCS’ participation in the ASEAN Plus Three framework. Also, SG IWATANI visited Renmin University of China and had a meeting with former president Mr. JI Baocheng to propose TCS’ ideas on promoting 808 commonly used Chinese characters, which is the outcome of Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum, as well as the joint research project conducted by the scholars from China, Japan and ROK. 

SG IWATANI attending the BFA Conference
SG IWATANI meeting with Ambassador ZHOU Wenzhong, Secretary-General of BFA Secretariat
Lecture at CFAU 

SG IWATANI giving a lecture at CFAU 

SG IWATANI meeting with President ZHAO Jinjun 

SG IWATANI and ASEAN-China Center SG Mr. MA Mingqiang 

SG IWATANI and former president of Renmin University Mr. JI Baocheng