Others TCS held a Meeting with the ROK Foreign Ministry Correspondents 2013.10.02

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (hereinafter “TCS”) held a meeting with the ROK Foreign Ministry correspondents at the TCS, on October 2, 2013. The meeting was designed to introduce the new Consultative Board Members of the TCS, Secretary-General Mr. IWATANI Shigeo and two Deputy Secretary-Generals, Mr. CHEN Feng and Mr. LEE Jong-heon, who took office on September 1, 2013; and to facilitate further cooperation with the media. More than 20 journalists participated in this meeting and exchanged various views toward the trilateral cooperation while expressing their interests in the future paths of the TCS.


The TCS briefed the journalists on the current progress of the trilateral cooperation and its activities in the past years, which was followed by discussions and Q&A sessions. After the meeting, the TCS held a luncheon meeting where both parties reaffirmed their will to deepen mutual exchanges and cooperation in the future.