Others 10 Chinese celebrities on “Tencent Weibo” visited Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat 2013.07.03
10 Chinese celebrities, who boast of a strong presence on social networking services “Tencent Weibo”, visited the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) on July 3, 2013. The list of invitees includes real estate entrepreneur REN Zhiqiang, Olympic Games champion CHEN Yibing and other well-known writers, professors and journalists (name list attached). 

Secretary-General Amb. SHIN Bong-kil exchanged views towards trilateral cooperation with the delegates. After the briefing on primary functions and activities of TCS, the delegates expressed deep interests in various projects organized by TCS, such as Trilateral New Wave: University Student Short Video and Multimedia Presentation Contest” for the past three months. 

TCS staff introduced functions and activities of TCS
Group Photo 

* The delegation of 10 celebrities (REN Zhiqiang, CHEN Yibing, JI Lianhai, ZHOU Guoping, LI Xinpin, CAO Jingxing, BI Shumin, HUA Sheng, WU Xiaoqiu, ZHANG Yiwu) of “Tencent Weibo” was invited to pay a six-day visit to ROK by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ROK.