Others Students from the 3rd Asian Leadership Network visited the TCS 2013.02.18

University students from the Third Asian Leadership Network (ALN) visited the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) on February 18, 2013. At first, staff of the TCS introduced background, structure, primary functions and activities of the TCS with its past progress. The Secretary-General Amb. SHIN Bong-kil subsequently delivered a lecture on East Asian Integration and exchanged his views towards the Trilateral Cooperation with the students by answering their inquiries.

* ALN Forum is an international collaboration forum where university students studying in China, Japan, and ROK meet regularly to have detailed discussion on issues in North East Asia. The Third ALN is organized by Global Asian Leadership Forum

TCS staff delivered a presentation on the TCS

Secretary-General Amb. SHIN Bong-kil had a lecture about East Asian Integration Photo 

Session with all the participating students