TC Activities 1st Trilateral Visionary Group Held in Xiamen, China 2023.04.03

The 1st Trilateral Visionary Group (TVG) was held in Xiamen, China on April 2-3. The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (Secretary-general OU Boqian), the China Public Diplomacy Association (President WU Hailong), the Nakasone Peace Institute (President & CEO FUJISAKI Ichiro), and the Korea Foundation (President KIM Gheewhan) co-hosted the event. This hybrid event brought together 19 veteran governmental officials and prominent scholars from China, Japan, and the ROK to engage in in-depth discussions on the progress, challenges, and opportunities of trilateral cooperation in the political, economic, and socio-cultural areas.

The political session began with participants sharing insights on the pressing issues in the region and exchanging views on the significance of enhancing communication and cooperation among the three countries. They emphasized the need of resuming the Trilateral Summit which has not been held since December 2019.
The economic session centered around constructive discussions to strengthen economic interconnectivity and vitality in the region under the framework of RCEP and other initiatives. Participants suggested exploring new areas of cooperation, such as the digital and green economies, to deepen economic ties among the three countries.


During the socio-cultural session, participants engaged in discussions on the importance of mutual understanding and shared culture. They acknowledged that the three countries have recently experienced a decline in mutual perceptions, and as such, they emphasized the need for increased face-to-face exchanges and cultural events to foster greater understanding and mutual respect. Furthermore, the participants underscored the vital role of media in objectively reporting news regarding the three countries and encouraging positive public opinion. Lastly, they highlighted the role of the youth and local government in shaping the future of trilateral cooperation.
Based on the discussions, participants reached the consensus to hold the TVG meetings annually and proposed meaningful and valuable policy suggestions on future trilateral cooperation in the political, economic, and socio-cultural areas.


▲ Group Photo