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JOB General Services Staff Recruitment Announcement (2013 04.16 - 2013.05.05)(Closed) 2015.03.31

1. Position

  • General Services Staff (administrative staff): 1 person

2. Areas of Recruitment

  • Job Description:
    • Undertake general work related to administration
    • Manage website, networks, such as IP, domain etc.
    • Manage and provide technical support to Digital Archive system
    • Provide services related to software, hardware, databases and other IT-related work
  • Qualifications:
    • Citizens of China, Japan or ROK
    •  Bachelor’s or above level education in administration or IT related areas
    • At least 3-year working experience in the related field
    • English communication skills (working language of the secretariat)

3.  Employment Conditions

  • 1 year contract including a three-month paid probationary period
    • Potential to become a regular employee upon completion of the contract-based employment for 2 years following a performance evaluation.
  • Working hours: Five days a week, 40 hours per week
  • Social Security (National Pension, National Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, and Industrial Accident Insurance), overtime pay, etc.

4. Selection Process

  • 1st round: Application review
  • 2nd round: Interview for the applicants who pass the first round
    • Applicants who pass the first round will be individually notified with the interview date and location.

5. Required Documents

  • Employment Application Form (attached form)
  • A self-introduction letter (no more than two pages) in English
  • Certificate of the highest level of education
  • Official English standardized test scores (e.g. TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS, etc.) if available.

6. How to Apply

  • Application should be submitted to the email:
  • Application Period: 2013 04.15 (Monday) - 2013.05.05 (Sunday)
    • Applications which have been submitted will not be returned, and admission may be revoked if the information on the application form is deemed to be false.

7. Inquiries

  • TCS Recruiting Team:
    • Tel: 82-70-4162-5323
    • Email: