Seminar & Forum SG Yang Houlan Attended the 2nd Locus Design Forum 2016.10.10
The 2nd Korea-China-Japan Locus Design Forum took place in Dongdaemoon Design Plaza in Seoul, ROK on October 10, 2016. The event was attended by Commissioner KIMM Jong Soung, Architect MAKI Fumihiko, Advisor YI Ki Ung and Ju Chul-Ki former Secretary for Foreign Affairs and National Security among others. TCS Secretary-General YANG Houlan participated in the event to deliver a congratulatory remark. 

During the meeting, SG Yang delivered a remark lauding the progress made through the Locus Design Forum and the plans to hold the event consecutively in Japan, Korea and China. In his remark, SG Yang underlined the development of the trilateral cooperation in general while specifically emphasizing the significant contribution made through collaboration and communication between the three countries through culture, arts and people-to-people exchange. 

The 2nd Locus Design Forum exhibition, displaying the collaborative artworks in the form of books designed by 51 groups of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean architects and book designers under the theme of “creative gap between book and architecture,” will be held in Dongdaemoon Design Plaza from October 10 to November 9, 2016.

SG Yang delivering a congratulatory remark at Locus Design Forum