Mechanisms 7th Consultative Meeting on Consumer Policy 2016.07.08
The 7th Consultative Meeting on Consumer Policy among Republic of Korea (ROK), China and Japan was held on July 7th, 2016 in Incheon, ROK. The delegation from the Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) and Korea Consumer Agency (KCA) of ROK, State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) and China Consumers’ Association (CCA) of China, Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) and National Consumer Affairs Center (NCAC) of Japan attended the Meeting. 

The Open Forum of the Meeting was held on the following day on July 8th. TCS Secretary-General Yang Houlan delivered keynote speech in the opening session of the Forum. 

In his speech, TCS Secretary-General Yang Houlan emphasized the significance of trilateral cooperation and the importance of digital single market among the three countries. 

In the following sessions: 1) ways to strengthen cooperation regarding consumer redress on cross-border transaction and 2) consumer-related issues regarding "digital single market" of China, Japan, and Korea, speakers and panelists from various sectors, such as government and research institution, engaged in fruitful discussion on a range of issues including consumer policy and digital-single market.

Keynote Speech by Secretary-General YANG Houlan