Others Secretary-General YANG Delivered a Speech at the Dinner of the 2016 Korea-China Youth Leader Forum 2016.05.23

On May 23, 2016, Secretary-General YANG Houlan attended the dinner of “Korea-China Youth Leader Forum” and delivered a speech to the Chinese youth delegation. The group of 70 Chinese young leaders was presented in the dinner, headed by FU Zhenbang, Member of the Secretariat of the Communist Youth League of China, LEE Kwang-cheol, Director of Global Networking Department of Korea Foundation, LAN Mingshang, Deputy President of Jilin Youth Federation, etc.


Before the dinner, SG YANG discussed the significance of trilateral cooperation and the TCS’ role of its development, emphasizing the bilateral relations between China and ROK as an essential foundation for the Trilateral Cooperation. SG Yang expressed TCS’ will to continuously develop the people to people exchanges among the Three Countries in close cooperation with relevant organizations. 


The “Korea-China Youth Leader Forum” is a co-hosted event by Korea Foundation and All-China Youth Federation (ACYF) with support from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Korea and China, under the agreement between XI Jinping, President of China, and PARK Geun-hye, President of ROK, during Xi’s travel to ROK in July 2014. The Event was initiated in October 2015 with Premier of the State Council of China LI Keqiang’s first visit to ROK with Chinese youth delegation. The 2016 Korea-China Youth Leader Forum had been hosted in Seoul and Jeju this May, where the Chinese delegation, headed by ACYF, will travel for 5 days.