Others Secretary-General YANG Houlan Delivered Lecture at Korea Future Foundation 2016.06.08
On June 8, 2016, TCS Secretary-General Yang Houlan was invited as a guest lecturer at Korea Future Foundation’s Monthly Forum. He delivered a lecture under the title of “Towards Peace and Co-Prosperity – History and Future of Trilateral Cooperation,” presenting the significance of trilateral cooperation and the role of the TCS. Highlighting that there is a great potential for economic cooperation and people-to-people exchanges among the three countries, Secretary-General Yang stressed that regional stability based on political trust must be ensured to bring such functional cooperation to the next level. During the Q&A session, Secretary-General exchanged various opinions with the audience on the trilateral cooperation and explored its future direction toward Northeast Asian peace and co-prosperity.  

TCS Secretary-General Yang and President Koo Cheon-seo of Korea Future Foundation