Others TCS Board Members Paid A Courtesy Visit to Ministry of Environmental Protection of China 2015.11.26

On November 26, 2015, TCS board members visited the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China and exchanged views on the trilateral environmental cooperation with Director-General LI Haisheng. 

Secretary-General YANG Houlan commented that trilateral environmental cooperation is one of the most significant fields for trilateral cooperation, which has the longest history and has been endorsed at the 6th Trilateral Summit by the three leaders. In order to deepen environmental cooperation among the three countries, SG YANG stressed the importance of sharing information and conducting research on trilateral environmental cooperation. He assured that TCS stands ready to provide any support for further promoting trilateral environmental cooperation. 

Director-General LI spoke highly of TCS’ efforts in promoting trilateral cooperation and introduced the current development and domestic policies on environmental protection in China. He shared the same views with SG YANG and expressed that China is willing to cooperate with TCS on various topics related to trilateral environmental cooperation. 

Meeting with Director-General LI Haisheng