Others SG IWATANI Shigeo Paid A Farewell Call on Foreign Minister YUN Byung-se 2015.08.13
On August 13, 2015, Secretary General IWATANI Shigeo paid a farewell call on H.E. Mr. YUN Byung-se, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. Deputy Secretary-General CHEN Feng and Deputy Secretary-General LEE Jong-heon attended the meeting.  

SG IWATANI expressed sincere appreciation to Minister YUN and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ROK for the continuous support for TCS. He pointed out that although trilateral cooperation experienced low tide in the past two years, the situation is now getting better and people may expect Trilateral Summit to be held in the near future. He said that TCS has been making efforts to maintain the momentum of trilateral cooperation in the past two years and hoped that with the possible resumption of Summit, TCS can play a bigger role in upgrading the trilateral cooperation. 

Minister YUN spoke highly of TCS’ work under the leadership of SG IWATANI in the past two years and commented that multilateral mechanism can play a unique role when bilateral relations are not so favorable. He underlined that trilateral cooperation has made a lot of progress since the beginning of this year especially with the Trilateral Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in March as a highlight, where the Ministers agreed to continue their efforts to hold the Trilateral Summit at the earliest convenient time for the three countries. Minister YUN said the atmosphere for trilateral cooperation is gradually improving and the ROK side will continue to work closely with Japan and China to promote the early resumption of Trilateral Summit. He expressed his hope that the next Board of TCS can work on the good basis laid by the previous Board and lead the TCS to play a better role in enhancing trilateral cooperation.