Seminar & Forum TCS Co-organized Seminar on East Asia Cooperation with CFAU in Beijing 2015.07.17

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) and China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) co-organized a Seminar on East Asia cooperation in Beijing, China on July 17, 2015. 

Under the theme of “From ASEAN Community to East Asia Community”, the seminar brought together renowned scholars from the ROK, Japan, China and the ASEAN countries to have in-depth discussion on how to promote East Asia cooperation in the post-ASEAN Community era in political, economic and socio-cultural fields as well as on the ways to strengthen cooperation between TCS and the ASEAN Centers in the three countries.

Composed of 4 sub-sessions, namely “Enhancing Mutual Trust and Maintaining Peace in the Region”, “Towards East Asian Economic Community”, “Cultivating Sense of Community in East Asia”, and “Role of TCS and the ASEAN Centers”, the seminar was thought-provoking as it provided a platform for panelists to address on a wide range of agendas including the challenges and prospects of regional integration in East Asia in terms of politics, economy and culture, ASEAN’s achievement of establishing community and its implication for the regional cooperation and integration, the role of TCS and its way to strengthen coordination among the Plus Three Countries in their cooperation with the ASEAN, etc. 

In his opening remarks, TCS Secretary-General Mr. Iwatani Shigeo reiterated the importance of trilateral cooperation as an indispensable component of East Asia cooperation and pointed out that the further strengthened trilateral cooperation and the ASEAN Community could bring about synergy effect and inject new impetus to overall cooperation in the region. 

The Seminar, supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and the ASEAN Centers in the three countries, was the first endeavor of TCS to facilitate the dialogue among the academia in the three countries and ASEAN.  

TCS SG Iwatani delivered opening remarks at the seminar 

TCS Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Chen Feng chaired the seminar 

Group photo