Seminar & Forum TCS Hosted Sessions at the 10th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity 2015.05.20 ~ 2015.05.22
The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) participated in the 10th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity held at Haevichi Hotel & Resort in Jeju, ROK, on May 20-22, 2015 and hosted two sessions under the title/theme of 1) Trilateral Cooperation on Forest Therapy and Healing: Towards a collaborative way for the people’s mental, physical health and beyond and 2) Beyond the Communication Barriers: 808 Commonly Used Chinese Characters in China, Japan and the ROK. This year’s Jeju Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary under the theme “Towards a New Asia of Trust and Harmony”, featuring in-depth discussions on diverse topics, and attracted a large number of international and local audiences. The TCS utilized this occasion to promote public understanding of developments in the trilateral cooperation and TCS projects. 

In the first session, officials from the governmental forest agencies and a research institute on forest therapy and healing in the three countries provided overviews of each country’s policy on forest therapy. They shared the view that the forest therapy in the three countries reflect the common perception in East Asia which emphasizes the harmony between human lives and the nature. After engaging in an in-depth discussion, the session invited audience speakers from the forest authority in Jeju and Swedish official, which helped to broaden understanding of forest therapy. The panelists also suggested that the TCS be a hub for facilitating information sharing and consultative mechanisms. 

The second session brought together scholars and experts on Chinese characters to discuss measures to overcome the communication barriers among the three countries. A common recognition of the significance of Chinese characters as both a cultural asset and a useful tool to enhance mutual understanding among the three countries was observed during the expert presentations. The panelists also presented detailed ideas on ways to promote the 808 commonly used Chinese characters in China, Japan and the ROK. As the side event of this session, photo exhibition on 808 commonly used Chinese characters was held, which gathered attention from the audience. 

Opening Remarks by Mr. IWATANI Shigeo, Secretary-General of TCS

Group Photo of Session1: (from the left) PARK Doo-won, Director of Jeju Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest; Linda BACKTEMAN, Counsellor of Embassy of Sweden in ROK; IM Young-Suk, Director of Forest Recreation and Healing Division, Korea Forest Service; KIM Ki Weon, Professor of Kookmin University ; IWATANI Shigeo, Secretary-General of TCS; KAGAWA Takahide, Chief of Environmental Planning Laboratory, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute of Japan; CHEN Feng, Deputy Secretary-General of TCS; WANG Guozhong, Director of International Forestry Cooperation Center of China; AKITA Yuko, Director of Department of Economic Affairs of TCS  

Group Photo of Session 2: (from the left) WANG Min, Professor at Hosei University of Japan; HAN Woo Duck, Director of China Institute of JoongAng Ilbo; KOSAKA Setsuzo, Representative Chairman of Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation; SHEN Shuzi, Professor at Renmin University of China; KIM Tae Guk, Teacher at Jeju Samsung Girls’ High School  

Side event of Session 2: 808 Commonly Used Chinese Characters Photo Exhibition  

Closing Remarks by Mr. CHEN Feng, Deputy Secretary-General of TCS  

Promotion Booth of TCS