Others SG IWATANI Shigeo gave a lecture at Korea Future Foundation 2015.05.13

On May 13, 2015, the TCS Secretary-General Mr. IWATANI Shigeo delivered a lecture on “15 Years of Trilateral Cooperation – Cultivating Multilateralism in East Asia” at a monthly forum hosted by Korea Future Foundation. The one-hour lecture reviewed the development of trilateral cooperation, functions and detailed projects of the TCS, while addressing current challenges as well as future visions for further enhancing cooperation in this region. 

Pointing out that this region lacks solid mechanisms like ASEAN and EU, Mr. IWATANI highlighted that the region needs a coordinating body that could streamline and integrate the existing mechanisms to achieve a single community. Also, with a view to making progress in political and security cooperation, Mr. IWATANI suggested that the three countries establish a dialogue mechanism that could serve as a channel for regular contacts among the three governments, which may ultimately expand to invite other regional players.