Others TCS Open House 2014 2014.10.25
The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) invited the public to its annual Open House on October 25th, 2014 at which people can enhance their understanding about the organization as well as the cultures of the three countries.  

The highlights of the event includes the trilateral dance performance, demonstration of traditional and popular dances of Japan, China and Korea; international organization career briefing, where student can learn about specific expertise necessary to work in organizations like TCS; office tour and the networking among TCS partners.  

120 participants enjoyed the event with lively dances of the three countries and learned more about the trilateral cooperation and the TCS by the info graphics around the office.

Participants enjoying office tour 

Attentive readers of the TCS publications 

International Organization Career Briefing 

SG IWATANI delivering opening remarks before the dance performance 

Japanese traditional dance, Sakura 

Chinese traditional dance, Here Comes the Peacocks 

Korean traditional dance, Great Peace Dance 

Popular dances of the three countries