Others Governor of Chungcheongnamdo Mr. AHN Hee-jung Visited the TCS Office 2014.10.24
Governor of Chungcheongnamdo Mr. AHN Hee-jung visited the TCS office and exchanged views on trilateral cooperation and exchange between local governments with TCS Secretary-General IWATANI Shigeo on October 24, 2014. 

Secretary-General IWATANI emphasized the importance of people to people exchanges and local government exchanges as an irreversible marker for trilateral cooperation and introduced major cooperation issues which TCS has been focused. Sharing his vision on trilateral cooperation and various experiences with other local governments, Governor AHN concurred with Secretary-General IWATANI and asked TCS for active role on local government exchanges. They agreed to develop cooperation between the province and TCS to enhance peace and common prosperity in this region.