Others TCS holds the 6th Lecture of “Three Strands of Asia” 2014.09.23

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) held the sixth public lecture of “Three Strands of Asia” on September 23, 2014. The lecture was delivered by Mr. YE Xin, a renowned Chinese calligraphic artist and the board member of Chinese Culture Center about “Appreciation of Calligraphy in China, Japan and Korea”. The lecture gathered people with keen interest in the calligraphy of the three countries. 

The lecture by Mr. YE Xin elaborated the common standards of appreciating calligraphic works of China, Japan and Korea which emphasizes naturalness and vigor in writing styles. The lecture lasted for two hours with the presentation of different calligraphic works of the three countries and lively discussion among the participants. 

From this October, TCS will organize new monthly lecture series, TCS LOUPE which stands for ‘Lecture on Uncovering Panoramic East Asia’. The first series will feature ‘Pop Culture of China, Japan and Korea’ for the next four months. Those who are interested in this lecture series can check the notice of the upcoming lectures, and videos of the previous lecture from TCS official web.

Speaker of the Sixth Lecture, Mr. YE Xin 

Mr. YE Xin introducing calligraphic works of the three countries