Others Members of the House of the Representatives of Japan Visited the TCS 2013.08.29

Mr. NAKAGAWA Masaharu and Mr. IZUMI Kenta, members of the House of the Representatives of Japan, visited the TCS on August 29, 2013, and met the incumbent Secretary-General of the TCS, Amb. SHIN Bong-kil and the incoming Secretary-General, Amb. IWATANI Shigeo.

The members showed their appreciation to Amb. Shin for his contribution to the successful establishment of the TCS and strong support to the development of trilateral cooperation. They also exchanged views with Amb. Iwatani and expressed their expectations for the TCS role in further advancing the trilateral cooperation.

(From the left) Amb. Iwatani, Mr. Izumi, Mr. Nakagawa, and Amb. Shin