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Others Secretary-General MICHIGAMI Hisashi takes part in the GoGoChallenge 2021.08.10
Mr. MICHIGAMI Hisashi, Secretary-General of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat, took part in the GoGo Challenge. The GoGo Challenge is a social media campaign of the Korean Ministry of Environment to raise awareness on reducing the use of single-use plastic items. 

SG MICHIGAMI encourages to use tumbler and eco bags in our daily life. He noted that in China, Japan and the ROK, a wide range of actors- government, business sector, youth, and civil society- are actively engaged in environmental protection. The magazine in his hand is one of such examples. It was made by TCS and university students of the three countries and introduces zero-waste businesses and activities in Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo. 

Environmental protection is an important areas of work at TCS. We promote cooperation among China, Japan and Korea by: 

- Supporting the cooperative framework at governmental level 
- Building capacity of environment teachers 
- Engaging the youth For more information on our projects, please visit