Promoting peace and co-prosperity among
China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea
Seminar & Forum Dialogue with Xiangcheng – Seminar on New Opportunities for China-Japan-Korea Economic and Trade Cooperation under the RCEP Framework 2021.10.15
On October 15, 2021, Dialogue with Xiangcheng- Seminar on New Opportunities for China-Japan-Korea Economic and Trade Cooperation under the RCEP Framework was held in Beijing, China. TCS Deputy Secretary-General BEK Bumhym delivered keynote speech titled “Opportunities and Challenges for Trilateral Cooperation under the Framework of RCEP” via video. 

In his speech, DSG BEK stated that RCEP would be a milestone in the process of “institutionalization of regional cooperation” that contributes to peace and common prosperity in East Asia. The signing of RCEP is of special significance to the ROK, China and Japan, which account for the largest proportion of GDP among member countries. The signing of RCEP is also expected to be of a great help to promote intraregional trade and economic cooperation. 

DSG BEK indicated that it is important for the three countries to strive to improve mutual understanding and respect based on active human exchanges. The three countries would not only expect economic benefits brought by RCEP, but also expand social and cultural exchanges under the framework. In this aspect, cooperation from not only governments, but also non-governmental fields such as entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, cultural and artistic people and youth will be critical. 

DSG BEK introduced the footprint of Trilateral Cooperation and TCS’ contributions in enhancing trilateral cooperation and exchange especially in the economic and trade field. He recognized that Suzhou has established a cooperation platform among China, Japan and the ROK in many fields such as industry, science and technology, trade and investment, and has grown into a scene of Trilateral Cooperation. 

The Seminar was attended by representatives from governments, diplomatic missions, business associations and corporates of China, Japan, and the ROK. The Seminar aimed to further attract foreign business to Xiangcheng, and enhance trilateral economic and industrial communication and cooperation. 

▲DSG BEK delivering keynote speech 

▲DSG BEK delivering keynote speech