Seminar & Forum Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian Delivered Video Remarks to 2022 Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum 2022.09.01
On 1 September, TCS Secretary-General OU Boqian delivered a pre-recorded video congratulatory remarks to 2022 Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum (hereinafter referred to as “Taiyuan Forum”). About 300 international and domestic guests from political, business and academic sectors as well as representatives from international organizations attended the forum. 

SG OU in her remarks commended that climate change is a global challenge that requires a collective and cooperative solution, furthermore China, Japan and the ROK together counted for over 30 percent of global GHG emissions, the regional and multilateral cooperation is essential to enhance the climate ambition and accelerate transformative changes in and beyond North-East Asia. She went on briefing the 2nd Forum on Carbon Neutrality Goals of China, Japan and the ROK, which is scheduled to be held by TCS and UNESCAP. At last, she reiterated TCS would continue to build the platform for climate-related communication among the three countries to promote sustainable development and benefit the people. 

Approved by the State Council of China, the Taiyuan Forum was co-hosted by the People’s Government of Shanxi Province together with seven Chinese government departments including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Ecology and Environment and National Energy Administration. 

▲Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian deliveres video remarks 

▲2022 Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum