Others TCS Secretary-General OU Boqian visits Keidanren 2022.10.03
On 3 October 2022, TCS delegation headed by Secretary-General OU Boqian visited the Keidanren and met Managing Director Mr. HARA Ichiro. Deputy Secretary-Generals BEK Bum-hym and SAKATA Natsuko were also present. 

SG OU expressed sincere gratitude for the long-term support from Keidanren on TCS activities and projects including TCS’ annual flagship event Trilateral Entrepreneurs Forum and publication An Evolving Trilateral Cooperation: Review and Outlook. Noting the entry into effect of the RCEP agreement in 2022, she underlined the key roles that business sector can play towards lasting peace and common prosperity of the three countries, and asked for Keidanren’s continued support in Trilateral Cooperation. 

Mr. HARA welcomed SG OU and the delegation, and appreciated TCS efforts to promote business exchanges on various important agendas such as aging and female entrepreneurship. He also noted supply chain connectivity and cross-border data flow as areas of further promotion for Japan. 

The two parties agreed to further develop its partnership to accelerate trilateral economic cooperation based on shared interests. 

Cross-border business cooperation and entrepreneurship in the three countries is one of the key focus areas of TCS. Since 2014, Keidanren has been a sponsor of the TCS project Trilateral Entrepreneurs Forum (TEF), together with China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) and Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) among others. Most recently, TCS organised the Forum on the theme of women’s economic empowerment for inclusive and sustainable growth in August 2022. 

▲Meeting in progress 

▲Group photo