Others Courtesy Visit to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Japan External Trade Organization 2022.10.05
On 5 October 2022, TCS consultative board headed by Secretary-General OU Boqian paid a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to seek insights on future directions of trilateral economic cooperation and the roles of TCS. Deputy Secretary-Generals BEK Bum-hym and SAKATA Natsuko attended the meetings. 

At METI, fruitful discussion was held between SG OU and Mr. MATSUO Takehiko, Director-General of Trade Policy Bureau regarding RCEP, CJK FTA, cross-border business promotion, and e-commerce. In particular, SG OU underlined the high expectation from the civil society on enhanced regional economic integration under relevant multilateral trade frameworks including RCEP. She expressed readiness of TCS to continue working with the three countries’ ministries to support trade cooperation in the future. 

Mr. MATSUO appreciated the efforts of TCS, and reiterating the significance of RCEP as the first trade scheme in which China, Japan and the ROK are all members of, he wished that ensuring the full implementation of the RCEP agreement will pave the way for expanded cooperation opportunities in the future. With regards to e-commerce, he expressed interest in exchanging ideas on how to provide good environment for consumers and businesses in light of the difference in the regulatory frameworks of the three countries. 

▲Group photo at METI 

At JETRO, SG OU met Mr. SASAKI Nobuhiko, Chairman, and acknowledging JETRO’s efforts in disseminating the RCEP Agreement to Japanese business sector, she sought for support of JETRO as TCS continues to organize relevant seminars to provide a platform for exchanges among various stakeholders. She also requested opportunities to learn from JETRO’s expertise on trade and investment-related statistics. 

With gratitude to the long-term partnership between JETRO and TCS, Mr. SASAKI welcomed further opportunities to cooperate with TCS. He noted the urgent need for sustainable recovery from the disruption brought by the pandemic and underscored the importance of coordinated action to make better business environment. In this regard, he showed high expectations to future TCS projects concerning e-commerce, digital economy and female entrepreneurship. 

▲Group photo at JETRO