Seminar & Forum Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian Attended the 88th International Forum on China Reform 2022.10.29 ~ 2022.10.30
On 29-30 October 2022, TCS Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian attended the 88th International Forum on China Reform, with the theme of “China and the World in Grasping Opportunities and Coping with Challenges”, hosted by the China Reform and Development Institute in Hainan, China in an offline-online format. 

SG OU delivered congratulatory remarks at the opening ceremony by highlighting the strategic significance of trilateral cooperation in current complex and volatile international context. Facing the unprecedented multi-layered challenges, many countries are at the crossroads. In this context, she underscored that trilateral cooperation is not an option, but an imperative. She recalled the origin of the trilateral cooperation, which emerged in the face of Asian financial crisis in 1997 and further strengthened in global financial crisis in 2008. The more difficult times are, the more important the trilateral cooperation is. She noted that the three countries should accumulate mutual trust to strengthen confidence to address challenges, consolidate economic ties to maintain regional supply chains stability by utilizing the RCEP, and further promote people-to-people exchange to build a strong public opinion foundation for mutual trust. 

Along with the Forum, SG OU also participated in the special session on regional economic cooperation in Northeast Asia and introduced the outcomes of trilateral local government exchanges and trilateral cooperation mechanisms which are driving forces to forge ahead the regional cooperation in Northeast Asia. 

News article of gist of SG OU’s remarks at the Meeting: 

▲SG OU Delivering Remarks at the Opening Ceremony 

▲SG OU delivering speech at the Special Session on Regional Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia