Seminar & Forum Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian was Awarded the Awards for Contribution to Exchange and Cooperation in East Asia at 2023 EAFF 2023.08.22
On 22 August, 2023, TCS Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian delivered congratulatory remarks at 2023 East Asia Future Forum (EAFF). The EAFF is co-hosted by the East Asia Culture Center and Edaily Media Group with the aim of expanding cultural exchanges and cooperation in the East Asian region and fostering mutual growth throughout the convergence of culture and technology. Over 200 participants including governmental officials, scholars, media and artists from the three countries attended. 

In her congratulatory remarks, SG OU introduced the progress of the trilateral cooperation and TCS’s efforts on its key missions to foster lasting peace, common prosperity and shared culture among China, Japan, and Korea. In particular, she highlighted the CJK Spirit Word of the Year 2023 “和合(Hehe)”, which was chosen by the people of the three countries. She pointed out that the public’s choice of the word “和合” represents the expectation of the people of the three countries that trilateral cooperation would contribute to common prosperity and harmony in East Asia. 

SG OU also underlined that TCS has incorporated 9 youth projects into the “Trilateral Youth Exchange Network (TYEN)”, which received positive feedback from young people of the three countries. She also introduced two cultural projects conducted this year: “Culture City of East Asia (CCEA) Media and Internet Celebrities Tour” and “2023 Trilateral Youth Summit (TYS)” with the participation of 100 undergraduate and graduate students. SG OU expressed that these projects would send a positive signal to trilateral efforts on addressing common challenges. 

During the Forum, SG OU was awarded the Awards for Contribution to Exchange and Cooperation in East Asia. The Award honors individuals who have dedicated to laying of the foundation for mutual growth in Asian countries in such cultural sectors as diplomacy, entertainment, and content industries. It recognizes the outstanding contributions of the TCS to the trilateral cooperation under her distinguished leadership despite the challenges of the pandemic. A total of 9 individuals including SG OU were awarded. 

▲SG OU delivering congratulatory remarks at 2023 EAFF 

▲Awards for Contribution to Exchange and Cooperation in East Asia awarded to SG OU 

▲Group Photo