Others 7th TCS Consultative Board Paid a Courtesy Visit to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China 2023.10.24
On October 24, 2023, Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup and Deputy Secretaries-General ZUSHI Shuji and YAN Liang (collectively as the “7th Consultative Board”) of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) paid a courtesy call on H.E. NONG Rong, Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. Both sides exchanged views on the progress of the Trilateral Cooperation among China, Japan and the ROK as well as the future direction of the TCS. 

Assistant Minister H.E. NONG Rong extended his congratulations to the 7th TCS Consultative Board on their new assumption of office. He spoke highly of the significance of the Trilateral Cooperation and the efforts made by TCS, suggesting the TCS continue to give full play to its advantages, strengthen capacity building, carry out more exchange programs, and play a bigger role in promoting the Trilateral Cooperation. He reiterated the commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China to render continuous support to the TCS. 

Secretary-General LEE appreciated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China for its strong and continuous support over the past years, adding that the Trilateral Cooperation is meeting important opportunities for further development. He briefed on the TCS’ work plan for the next stage, emphasizing that the TCS would continue to expand trilateral exchange and cooperation in culture, education, youth, local cities and other areas. He looked forward to the resumption of the Trilateral Summit Meeting to bring stronger impetus to the peace and prosperity among the three countries and beyond. 

▲7th TCS Consultative Board with Assistant Minister H.E. NONG Rong