Others Visit by the China National Civil Service Administration (NCSA) to TCS 2023.11.03
On November 3, 2023, Chinese delegation from the China National Civil Service Administration (NCSA), headed by Mr. CHEN Longfa, Chief of First Bureau, visited TCS and had a meeting with TCS Deputy Secretary General ZUSHI Shuji and Deputy Secretary-General Yan Liang. Both sides exchanged ideas on the Trilateral Cooperation on personnel administration. 

Mr. CHEN highlighted the importance of Trilateral Cooperation on personnel network of civil servant. He specifically noted the significance of young civil servant exchange network, proposing the idea to enlarge the size and scale of the Joint Training Program for Young/Middle-level Public Employees among the three Personnel Authorities. He expressed sincere gratitude to TCS on behalf of NCSA for its continued dedication for the Trilateral relations. 

Deputy Secretaries-General ZUSHI and YAN briefed the Chinese delegation about TCS and its activities. He responded positively to Mr. Chen’s suggestion to enlarge the size and scale of the joint program, stating the importance of youth exchanges among the three countries. He furthermore encouraged the two sides to find ways to strengthen cooperation on personnel network. 

Both sides agreed to deepen the cooperation between the two institutes. 

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