Seminar & Forum Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup Addressed Annual Dialogue between Museums of East Asian Countries 2023.11.01
On November 1st, Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup of Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) delivered video remarks at the opening ceremony of the Annual Dialogue between Museums of East Asian Countries (The Dialogue). The Dialogue was co-organized by the China Center for International Communication Development and the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, Film and Television. 

During his remarks, SG LEE highlighted the profound historical links and shared history among East Asian countries, including ASEAN nations, China, Japan, and Korea. Emphasizing the significance of cultural exchange and collaboration, underscored the role of museums as custodians of this rich heritage, fostering unity and peace in the region. He also affirmed that for young people, museums are a good channel to learn more about their own countries and neighboring countries, laying a solid foundation for future peaceful development and cooperation. 

The Dialogue has been attended by the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration and Director of China Center for International Communication Development. The directors of Chinese and foreign museums and experts and scholars from the Palace Museum, Dunhuang Research Institute, National Museum of Laos, Guangxi Museum of Ethnic Music, Changsha Museum, and about 50 youths from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos and other ASEAN+3 countries attended the dialogue. 

▲ SG LEE’s video remark on the Dialogue