Seminar & Forum SG LEE delivered Congratulatory Remark at the 2023 IEFS-EAER-APAEM Conference 2023.12.21
On December 21st, the 2023 IEFS-EAER-APAEM Conference is hosted in TCS Conference Hall. The forum is organized by IEFS, EAER, APAEM, co-organized by Peking University, Seoul National University, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, Kyonggi University, and Korean Financial Services Commission, and supported by Chinese Embassy in Korea, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and TCS. SG LEE is invited to deliver a congratulatory remark. 

In his remark, SG LEE pointed out the economic influence of China, Japan and the ROK among the RCEP framework and even the world, and it is important to balance the competition and cooperation among the three countries towards regional economic integration. He mentioned that high-tech, E-commerce, clean energy and health care industries could be the potential area for future’s trilateral cooperation, and the three countries should not only enhance the collaboration within RCEP framework, but also positively promote the negotiation of CJK FTA, for the peace and co-prosperity in the region. 

Mr. KIM Soyoung, Vice President of Korean Financial Services Commission, Mr. DONG Zhiyong, Vice President of Peking University, Mr. LEE Siwook, President of KIEP, and Mr. FANG Kun, Chargé d'affaires of Chinese Embassy in Korea attended the forum. Professors and scholars from several universities in China and Korea also joined the forum and discussed the China-Korea economic cooperation and development, and the future of globalization. 

▲Group Photo 

▲SG LEE delivers his remark