Seminar & Forum Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup delivered a Keynote Speech at the 8th East Asia Cultural City Policy Forum 2024.06.25
On June 25, 2024, the Incheon Institute and the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences co-hosted the 8th East Asia Cultural City Policy Forum at the Songdo Central Park Hotel, themed "City-to-City Cooperation for East Asia Development." TCS Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup attended the forum as a keynote speaker. 

In his keynote speech, SG LEE discussed the topic of "Promoting Cooperation and Local Government Exchanges among China, Japan, and Korea during the Transition Period." He began by explaining the achievements of trilateral cooperation and the TCS, as well as the outcomes and significance of the 9th Trilateral Summit held on May 27. He emphasized that exchanges between local governments in China, Japan, and Korea not only enhance the happiness and quality of life of local residents but also improve the economic, cultural, and social capacities of local communities, thereby strengthening urban competitiveness. Moreover, these exchanges complement and buffer interactions between the countries, solidifying the foundation for trilateral cooperation. In this context, he underlined that TCS also focuses on exchanges between local governments, youth exchanges, and cultural and people-to-people exchanges. He expressed hope that the trilateral port city cooperation among Incheon, Tianjin, and Yokohama would be realized and lead the way in trilateral cooperation, with TCS actively supporting this initiative in the future. 

The East Asia Cultural City Policy Forum is an annual event alternately hosted by the Incheon Research Institute and the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences. It is an annual international academic event attended by experts in various fields from East Asia's cultural cities. 

▲SG’s Keynote Speech 

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