EVENT [TCS Lecture Series] CJK Cultural Differences and Common Ground 2019.03.22

CJK Cultural Differences and Common Ground 

No. 1 - Discovering a New Value of Education: Mutual Understanding among CJK


Date : Thursday, April 11th /14:00-15:00


Speaker : Mr. JANG Je-Guk, President of Dongseo University


Language : Korean / English (simultaneous interpretation to be provided)


Venue : TCS International Conference Room (S-Tower 15F)



1. Comparison of education trends in China, Japan, and ROK 

o High level of interest in education as the means to achieve social mobility

o Heated competition to get children enrolled in privileged institutions

o Education is not only the means for social mobility but for a better understanding the world around us


2. Introduction of CAMPUS Asia program (including the example of Dongseo University’s program)


3. Suggesting a new value of education through the case of CAMPUS Asia Program

*Details regarding lecture content will be updated based on the discussion with the speaker


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