NOTICE Trilateral Cooperation 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition 2019.05.24


Trilateral Cooperation 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition 





Trilateral Cooperation in Photographs

: 20 Years of Achievement and New Opportunities

Date & Time

- Exhibition period: 20~24 June, 2019

- Open Hours: 07:00~ 23:00         *Open to public, free of charge


Seoul Metro Art Center (B1F, Metro Line #3, Gyeongbokgung Sta.)


Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat, TCS


& Photo Provider

- ROK Presidential Archives, China/Japan Culture Center

- Yonhap News, Xinhua News, Kyodo News

- Joongang Ilbo, Gangwon Domin Ilbo


- To promote accumulated efforts and achievements of trilateral cooperation during last 20 years since the 1st breakfast meeting between the three leaders at the ASEAN+3 Summit in 1999.

- To promote public awareness on the importance of trilateral cooperation and establishment of future-oriented relationship utilizing a venue with large floating population including subway riders and CH/JP tourists (total 50,000 a day).

- To provide platform for communication among the three countries and mutual understanding inviting ROK VIPs and Chinese, Japanese diplomats residing in Seoul.

Composition of Exhibition

- Photos on Trilateral Summit, Ministerial-level Mechanisms

- Photos and videos on Trilateral local government, diverse people-to-people exchanges including culture/art/youth cooperation.

- Photos and videos on Olympic Road including 2018 Pyeongchang, 2020 Tokyo, 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games