EVENT Announcement of the 1st TCS Young Ambassador Program (YAP) Final Result 2013.06.13

Thank you for your interest in the TCS Young Ambassador Program (YAP).

This year, due to the great number of qualified applicants from the three countries that we have received, the TCS thus has decided to receive more interns. However, due to the limited positions, we regret that we are not able to accept every qualified candidate.

Based on the two rounds of evaluations of the YAP candidates, the TCS hereby publishes the result of selection of the YAP 2013.

Listed YAP candidates will be contacted in person regarding the program details and next step procedures to come to Seoul this July.

Again, we thank you very much for your interest in the YAP and look forward for your constant attention to other TCS activities.

List of TCS Young Ambassador Program (YAP) 2013
Interview Result












Cao Zimin (曹自民)

Ayamoto Hiromi

Cho Shihyun

Chen Muyang (陈沐阳)

Hanaoka Hayato

Choi Jongbeom

Peng Huali (彭华利)

Nishijima Rie

Han Soojin

Sun Weiwei (孙薇薇)

Sato Dai

Kwon Ohhoon

Tan Yawen (谭雅文)

Uchimura Eri

Lee Won Kook