JOB General Services Staff (Administrative Officer) Recruitment Announcement (2014.09.08 ~ 2014.09.26) ( 2015.03.31

The TCS is inviting qualified candidates to apply for the following position:

1. Position

  • General Service Staff (Administrative Officer, G2 (Vacancy number: 2014-MGT-401)

2. Job description and qualifications

  • (1) Job Description:
  • ŸŸŸŸTo undertake general office duties, including providing day-to-day administrative support and drafting official documents based on the request of the Director of Management.
  • ŸŸŸŸTo provide support to Human Resources (HR) related matters and ensure consistent HR administration.
  • ŸŸŸŸŸTo cooperate with other Administrative officers in the mid-long term planning of organizational development of the office.
  • ŸŸŸŸTo work with other Departments to assist in organizing conferences, seminars and other events upon the request.
  • ŸŸŸŸŸ To perform other related duties as required.
  • (2) Qualifications:
  • ŸŸCitizens of China, Japan or ROK
  • ŸŸŸBachelors’ Degree.
  • ŸŸProficiency in both written and oral English (working language of the TCS). For administrative staff, proficiency in Korean will be an asset.
  • ŸŸŸTeam player who can work with people from a broad range of backgrounds and experience.
  • ŸŸWorking knowledge of common computer applications (Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point)
  • ŸŸŸŸCandidates who have training or prior experience in administration and management are encouraged to apply

3. Employment Conditions

  • (1) Starting date: Nov/December, 2014 (negotiable)
  • (2) Initial contract for maximum one year including a three-month paid probationary period
    • ŸŸŸŸŸŸPotential to become a regular employee upon completion of the contract-based employment for 2 contract terms following a performance evaluation
  • (3) Working hours: Five days a week, 40 hours per week
  • (4) Annual salary rate to be applied: KRW33,300,000/year (except probation period)
  • (5) Staff benefits: Social Security (National Pension, National Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, and Industrial Accident Insurance), retirement pension, commuter allowance, overtime pay, etc.

4. Selection Process

  • (1) 1st round: Application review
  • (2) 2nd round: Interview for the applicants who pass the first round
    • ŸŸŸŸŸApplicants who pass the first round will be individually notified with the date, method and location of the interview.

5. Required Documents

  • (1) Employment Application Form (attached form)
  • (2) A self-introduction letter in English (the letter should be no more than two pages)
  • (3) Certificate of the highest level of education
  • (4) Official English standardized test scores (e.g. TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS, etc.) if available; (If applicable, Chinese, Japanese or Korean standardized test scores (optional))

6. How to Apply

  • (1) Application should be submitted by email to
  • (2) Application Period: 2014.09.08 ~ 2014.09.26
    • ŸŸŸThe subject of the email must state, “TCS application_name_vacancy number”
    • ŸŸŸŸApplications which have been submitted will not be returned, and admission may be revoked if the information on the application form is deemed to be false

7. Inquiries

If you have any other inquiries, please email to: