EVENT TCS will hold International Forum for the Trilateral Cooperation 2015 (IFTC) in Tokyo - 2015.04.03 2015.05.06

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) will host the International Forum for the Trilateral Cooperation (IFTC) 2015, under the theme of “Challenges and Opportunities – Ushering into a New Era” on April 3rd in Tokyo. Beyond political uncertainties in the region, the TCS expects the IFTC to be the momentum for deeper cooperation in Northeast Asia sharing insightful and constructive experiences and proposals on the trilateral cooperation. 

The Forum will be composed of 4 sessions: 1) Keynote Speeches, 2) “Towards a Peaceful and Cooperative Northeast Asia: Exploring Practicable Trilateral Dialogue Mechanism for Common Security”, 3) “Cooperate to Learn, Learn to Cooperate: The Trilateral Educational Exchanges and Sense of Community”, 4) “New Opportunities for Trilateral Industrial ‘Coopetition’: Collective Voice of Business Leaders toward CJK FTA and Beyond”. The Forum examines a variety of current affairs including dialogue mechanism in Northeast Asia, regional educational exchanges, CJK FTA, and etc. Dignitaries from the three countries including former Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Fukuda Yasuo, former Chinese Foreign Minister Mr. Li Zhaoxing, and former Korean Prime Minister Mr. Han Seung-soo will deliver keynote speeches and express their expectation for the trilateral cooperation. 

Following the Forum, the TCS will also host the Trilateral Business Networking Reception 2015 to build up networks for new business opportunities, and share future vision of trilateral industrial cooperation. 

The IFTC is one of the annual brand projects of the TCS with an aim of sharing vision of peace and common prosperity in Northeast Asia. Past distinguished guests include former Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Hatoyama Yukio, former Korean Foreign Minister Mr. Kim Sung-hwan, and former China’s State Councilor Mr. Tang Jiaxuan. The 2012 IFTC, titled Year of Transition and the Trilateral Cooperation was honored to have the then-Presidential candidate (current ROK President) Park Geun-hye’s noble attendance to share her vision for the Northeast Asia regional cooperation. 

* Attendance in IFTC is on an invitation basis. The outcome will be announced publicly after the forum.