EVENT Call for applications: Young Ambassador Program 2015 2015.06.29

What is the Young Ambassador Program? 
The Young Ambassador Program helps you experience diplomatic career at the forefront of Northeast Asia regional cooperation. 

The Young Ambassador Program (YAP) is a summer program for future leaders of China, Japan, and Korea who are passionate about international cooperation and interested in pursuing a diplomatic career. The YAP offers a range of opportunities in understanding the objectives and operation of the TCS in facilitating the trilateral cooperative efforts and welcomes your insights for future trilateral relations. 
Program Duration: August 3rd – 15th, 2015 
Venue: Seoul, Republic of Korea 

How is the Program Organized? 
YAP 2015 will be composed of three main phases: training, on-site visits, internship, and dialogues. 
• Training: introductions and special lectures will be given on various areas regarding the trilateral cooperation and the TCS, as well as international relations and multilateral cooperation. 
• On-site visits: Young Ambassadors will visit foreign ministries, embassies, government agencies and other international organizations and have face-to-face dialogues. 
• Internship: Young Ambassadors will be given the opportunity for a hands-on experience in the political/economic/socio-cultural departments of the TCS. 
• Dialogues: the open dialogue will provide a platform for the participants to exchange ideas on trilateral cooperation in an open, candid manner, among themselves as well as with other international students. 

Am I Eligible? 
The TCS is recruiting 12 talented young people from China, Japan, and Korea. Applicants should meet the minimum requirement as follows: 
• AGE: below 30 years 
• NATIONALITY: China, Japan, and ROK nationals 
• EDUCATION: College student or above in all majors. 
• LANGUAGE: Must be fluent in English. Additional CJK language proficiency is preferred.
• OTHERS: Must have keen interest in Northeast Asian affairs, and willing to build international careers and work in multi-lateral environments 

How to Apply? 
The YAP application is open now until Friday, July 10th, 2015. 
Required Documents 
1. Application Form (English) 
2. Statement of Purpose letter of less than 500 words in English and covering: 
  a. Self-introduction 
  b. Motivation to participate in the YAP and your interest in the TCS 
3. Certificate of the highest level of education 
4. Optional – official English standardized test scores (i.e., TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS, etc) and Korean, Japanese, or Chinese standardized test scores 
Application Method 
Send your application form along with other documents to YAP2015@tcs-asia.org by July 10th. The subject of the e-mail must state “YAP Application-Country-Name”. For inquiries, please contact Soojin Han (Ms.) at soojinhan@tcs-asia.org

Selection Process 
• 1st Round: Review of application materials 
• 2nd Round: Interview process (Applicants who pass the first round will be individually notified) 

Administrative Arrangements 
• Transportation expenses: participants should cover their own airfares between Seoul and their residential areas. Participants are also responsible for transportation expenses occurred between the TCS and their accommodation facility. Bus wil l be rented for official YAP schedules where necessary (accommodations will be covered by the TCS). 
• Meals: participants should cover their own meal expenses with the exception of several official occasions. 

What are the benefits of YAP? 
• Be able to work with the TCS, the first and only inter-governmental organization among china, Japan, and the ROK. 
• Experience the multilateral and multicultural working environment 
• Accommodation will be provided in Seoul. 

*Regarding the recent outbreak of MERS-CoV in the ROK: 
The TCS is monitoring the current outbreak of MERS-CoV in the ROK and expects the situation to be controlled before the start of the Young Ambassador Program. However, to ensure the safety of the participating students, the Program will be subject to postponement or cancellation in case of severe exacerbation of the situation. For official Chinese and Japanese governments’ position and information regarding MERS-CoV, please visit the following link: