EVENT 6th Trilateral Campus Harmony – 2016.11.29 (Closed) 2016.10.11


The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) and the Korea-China Friendship Association (KCFA) invite you to the 6th Trilateral Campus Harmony UCC Contest (November 29, 2016 @ Kyunghee University). We look forward to your interesting and brilliant ideas to promote positive trilateral relations conveyed in UCCs (User Created Contents).

1. Event Title: 6th Trilateral Campus Harmony UCC Contest

2. Eligibility

1 team composed of more than three people, which must include 3 students each from China, Japan, and the ROK who are currently studying in the universities in the ROK

Exchange students from Japan and China are also eligible to apply.

3. UCC Details

1) Subject

   - Interesting history of cultures of China, Japan, and Kore developed through mutual exchange and influence

   - UCC that contains the messages of ‘trilateral exchange and solidarity’

2) Theme: Can be chosen freely, with below samples as references

Sample themes

- An Essay on Trilateral Cultural Exchange that We Make Together

- Links among the Cultures of China, Japan, and Korea

- Trilateral Cultural Empathy, the New Discovery of the Past

- Path of the Trilateral Exchange: Trilateral Historical Travelogue of the Past, Present, and Future

- Finding Common Trilateral Cultural Assets in Clothing, Food, and Architecture

- Discovering Treasure through Old Pathways of China, Japan, and Korea

Key Words

 “China, Japan, and Korea”, “Culture”, “Exchange”, “Solidarity”, “Mutual Affirmation”, “Cultural Similarity and Diversity”, “Historical Travel”

3) Language: The language of the UCC as well as the presentation competition is Korean

4. Contest Timeline

1) Entry: (Forward all submissions to: kcfa@kumhoasiana.com)

From November 1st ~ 11th: Submission of an application form (attached below)

From November 14th ~ 18th: Submission of UCC clip (5 mins.) & 1 page-description

2) Initial Screening: November 23 (Wed)

The finalists will be announced on November 24 (Thu) @ TCS(www.tcs-asia.org) and KCFA (http://www.korea-china.or.kr) websites

3) Final Round: 14:00, November 29 (Tue), 2016 @ Kyonghee University Seoul Campus Cheongwoon Bldg. B117

In addition to the UCC screening, each team will have 5 minute-presentation opportunity to explain background motives and process of UCC production. Presentation in Power-point, Keynote, and Prezi are recommended.

5. Prizes

10 prizes will be awarded, as follows:

1) KCFA Award: Scholarship (3,000,000 won)+3 round-trip air tickets to China and Japan+1 Kumho Resort voucher (2 nights)

2) TCS Award: Scholarship (3,000,000 won)+3 round-trip air tickets to China and Japan+1 Kumho Resort voucher (2 nights)

3) Excellence Prize: Scholarship (2,000,000 won)+3 round-trip domestic air tickets in the ROK+1 Kumho Resort voucher (2 nights)

4) Encouragement Prize (7 teams): 1 Kumho Resort voucher (2 nights)+souvenir


For inquiries, please contact KCFA Secretariat (Tel: 02-6303-1961~2 / Fax: 02-6303-1969) 

Attachments: 6th Trilateral Campus Harmony Application