EVENT Japan-China-Korea IP Symposium in Odawara, Japan - 2016.12.09 (Closed) 2016.11.28


The Japan Patent Office (JPO), Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), and State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of the People’s Republic of China are jointly organizing the Japan-China-Korea IP Symposium highlighting the latest trends in intellectual property (IP) protection by the administrative and judicial bodies of Japan, China and South Korea.


As corporate IP activities become increasingly globalized, the role of IP is becoming ever more significant as a source of industrial competitiveness. IP rights, therefore, need to be appropriately obtained and leveraged not only in their countries of origin, but also throughout the rest of the world, for which it is imperative to accurately understand the IP systems and lawsuit trends of each country.


Given these circumstances, the Symposium will feature presentations and a panel discussion with the participation of judges, knowledgeable experts, and government officials from Japan, South Korea and China to offer an opportunity to discuss the latest trends in IP protection by the administrative and judicial bodies of each country. We sincerely look forward to your participation.


Please check http://www.tripo-symposium.jp/e_index.html for further detail.