Intellectual Property Rights


Reflecting the huge number of the patent applications in the three countries that occupies more than half of the total number in the world, increasing importance has been attached to the cooperation among the three countries for the development of intellectual property system worldwide. For example, the Trilateral Policy Dialogue Meeting among the Commissioners of the IP Offices, equivalent to Ministerial Level Meeting, has been held annually and there has been other working-level meetings such as Joint Experts Groups of Automation and Patent Examination, and the Heads Meeting of IP Training Centers of the three countries continuously. The three offices have launched the new Trilateral IP Cooperation Website named TRIPO (Trilateral IP Offices) to provide IP-related data in three countries as well.

The TCS has continued its effort to support the trilateral mechanisms in the area of Intellectual Property Rights which have been active in promoting cooperation among the three countries. The TCS participates the Dialogue Meeting and its IP User Symposium and plans to support or facilitate the future possible projects under this mechanism.