The development and reformation of personnel management systems of the three countries called for an increased need for international cooperation and information exchange. To enhance mutual understanding in the field of personnel administration, the Trilateral Personnel Policy Network was established in 2005. Through the Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) on Public Personnel Administration signed at the first Heads of Personnel Authorities Meeting, the three governments agreed to cooperate in the following areas: planning and implementation of improvements on public personnel administration systems, public policy on human capital management, as well as training and education of civil servants.

Under the framework of the Trilateral Public Policy Network, there are various mechanisms to share best practices of personnel administration and to further institutionalize cooperation in the field, such as the Heads of Personnel Authorities Meeting, Director-Generals Meeting of Personnel Authorities, Symposium on Personnel Administration and a Joint Training Program for Young/Middle-level Public Employees. Since its first participation in the Heads of Personnel Authorities Meeting in 2015 (7th Meeting), the TCS has been supporting trilateral cooperation in the field of personnel administration and exploring ways to further promote cooperation in this area.